Saturday, October 23, 2010

Saturday Thoughts

Yesterday Henry had his one year check-up he weighed 20lbs 1 ounce. He received four shots a few tears shed but the crying lasted maybe 30 seconds, what a good little trooper! Emrie got her flu vaccination as well and was not thrilled with that at all, she didn't want the lousy "I got a shot!" sticker the nurse offered her afterwards(typical Emrie!) Cousin Jeremiah was along for the trip and was thankful he didn't have to get poked by any of those needles. We lunched at BK where Jeremiah and Emrie enjoyed climbing through the gym. Meanwhile Henry ate like a horse, he had 2 chicken nuggets, a cup of mac & cheese, and lots of french fries he is shaping up to be like daddy-eat, eat, eat, and still maintain a trim body(NOT fair!) We went to the party supply store to get some things for Henrys 1st B-day party and I foolishly allowed Henry to have my car keys and when we were about to exit the store...NO KEYS! So Jeremiah retraced our steps, then I retraced our steps and I dug every last thing out of my purse(which was ridiculously packed to the max) twice. Finally we went to the counter and someone had turned them in, Hallelujah! Sherwin Williams for paint, DQ for shakes, finally home bound, with two sleepy ones in the back and Jeremiah at my side to keep me awake.
Last night I took the children to the Fall Jubilee, Greg stayed home to grade tests. This is where I am going to be transparent with some trepidation, blogging-it-out will serve me better and can be a reminder to me. I could with no mistake feel that the sermon was preached for me. Bob Burney preached from Psalm 73, Asaph. I learned something that I have always known, but with a great ah-hah moment. Some choose the Bitterness Bypass, which was the route that I was choosing prior to yesterday at 8pm. Bitterness? Really? I am not bursting at the seams with bitterness but to be perfectly honest I was harbouring bitterness towards my best friend. You see my best friend holds 2 jobs, which he takes very seriously and those jobs can occupy most of his time. I respect him and I am so thankful for the way he provides and how faithful he is to those two parts of his life. As of late though, I have had a inkling of grumblings that go something like this; he never has time for me, he never has time for the kids, when do I get some of your attention or when do the kids get daddy's full attention, sure would be nice to get some help around here, I spend 24-7 with the children, I am exhausted. Most certainly a great deal of nit-picking and nagging, shame on me. Then I discovered that I actually want to travel the Brokenness Highway. Sounds a little crazy right? When I am broken I fully recognize My flaws and My shortcomings and then...Praise God I know "But as for me, how good it is to be near God! I have made the Sovereign Lord my shelter, and I will tell everyone about the wonderful things you do." Psalm 73:28
That brings it back into focus for me. Mental Note: Stop Whining Heather! Psalm 73:24 "You will keep on guiding me with your counsel, leading me to a glorious destiny."
So to my best friend, my husband, to a daddy who loves his children so much, I am sorry for the grouch you live with and I hope to grow into a ever loving, supportive, always gentle, kind spirited wife, that you deserve. Greg, I love you!

Praise God Psalm 73:24 "You will keep on guiding me with your counsel, leading me to a glorious destiny."

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Happy 1st Birthday Henry!

Henry October 19, 2009
Henry October 19, 2010

I am truly amazed at how fast a year goes by!

Praise God from Whom All Blessings Flow!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Fall Photos

Emrie Ann and Henry today at the Central Elementary playground, enjoying the cool but beautiful fall weather.

Henry and Emrie Ann picking pumpkins at Walker Farms.

Emrie enjoying a cupcake decorated as a pumpkin, yummy!

Colds all week long for the entire family, me being the final one to come down with it. We are still wiping a lot of noses, but we are well on our way to being healthy once again! Today the kids played at the playground with Aunt Beth and Jeremiah, and are now taking a late afternoon nap. Daddy and Papa Mike are painting the trim now and mommy is catching up on lots of loads of laundry.
As of lately Emrie has been sleeping with her bedroom lamp on, something I dislike greatly but a battle I have chosen to forgo. I often threaten her that if she is not quiet I will turn it off she panics and then says "I can't see where I am going then!" I think that is a pretty hilarious statement.
Emrie has also started doing lots of jibberish when anyone is leaving from our house, it is her last attempt to monopolize their attention and it can go on forever if you let her, mostly talks about watching out for strangers and seeing them at the party and look out for monsters and take a nap and see you at church and don't forget to not talk to stranger and on and on and on. It is a random monolog of this and that and she of course preforms it to the fullest. So if you are here and attempting to leave be prepared to nod your head and say uh huh, uh huh, okay and good bye!
Henry is so close to a year now...just a few more days, still not walking but climbing on anything and everything. He is giving high fives now and I am pretty sure he thinks that is makes him pretty cool! I agree, he is pretty cool!!

Praise God for a beautiful sunshiny Saturday!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Hump Day!

Henry loves to climb on the sweeper, it seems to be one of his favorite toys!
Emrie Ann with make-up all over her face, this is an older picture but I could have taken the same one again today.

The week is half way over today, and it has been a doozy. I managed to get some relief from my chiropractic visit Monday afternoon, after spending most of the morning in tears because of pain and the frustration that went along with it. Greg had an away soccer game in the evening so the kids and I went shopping with Aunt Beth and Jeremiah, which was enjoyable and a perfect distraction from the annoying pain in my neck. Greg had been sick all weekend long with a nasty cold and after oversleeping Monday morning, I knew his day would be a not so pleasant one. While putting Emrie to bed Monday night Greg had still not made it home, so we were praying for him and hoping that he was feeling better when Emrie said "If he feels better, I can get in his face?" I had to laugh, Greg is always so concerned about passing his germs onto the children and had told Emrie not to get right up in his face and she remembered! Emrie came down with a fever Tuesday 12:30 a.m. and has been feeling yukky with the same old cold that daddy had. After coming home from my neck re-check today Henry has developed a snotty nose and I am crossing my fingers that he avoids the fever and all the other symptoms Emrie and Daddy have had. I haven't been able to have Lydia and Lilly here so far this week and I am hoping that tomorrow will be the start of a healthy Dickerson household I have sanitized everything! On these days, I do miss the chaos that comes along with having a houseful of preschoolers and babies buzzing around. My neck is feeling much better not 100% but 90 and I will take that!

Praise God for being able to turn my head to the Right and Left!!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Pain in the neck!

No my title is not in reference to my husband, or my children but my actual pain in the neck. I was awaken by a pop and crunch in my neck last night and then was unable to turn my head to the left at all. It has lessened a little through the day, I have forced myself no matter how uncomfortable of a task to press on in hopes that it will some how, some way ease, but to no avail. Aside from the foretold it has been a beautiful perfect, 80 degree fall day and the smell of fallen leaves is thick in the air and I love it. We went to the pumpkin patch Friday evening where Emrie had loads of fun pulling her wagon around and making her selections. Henry road in the wagon Jeremiah pulled and thoroughly enjoyed bumping along the rough terrain.
Emrie spent the afternoon with Mama Jane and Papa Emery. She had lots of fun going to the store, getting a banana milkshake, washing mama's car and watering the flowers. When we were leaving Mama and Papa's she said "I really like them!"
Henry and I went to visit Tim, Julie and Baby Taylor at Nornie and Poppy's. We enjoyed our short visit, it is always nice to sit on the porch and catch up with family. It is extra special when a couple little cousins get to touch each other, jabber and squeal. Henry with some coaching by Aunt Ea said "Baby". That makes his word list: Da-da, Ma-ma, Bye-bye, Hiyeee, and Baby. Bravo Henry! I am also catching him standing alone more often and if they made a cane his size I think he would walk with no problem. He has 10 days before he is 1 I wonder if he will take off running before then??
Time for the heating pad and 9 o'clock bedtime, boy I live a crazy life!

Praise God for Mama and Papa time with Emrie Ann!

Monday, October 4, 2010

October Monday.

Saturday I took the children to Lancaster with me to get new tires on our car. We dropped the car off at Sears and wasted a lot of time in the mall. Lunch was our first activity of choice, Emrie decided on Rax and so we sat and ate our sandwich and fries and people watched for about as long as you could expect out of a 3 year old and almost 1 boy. It is fun to watch the kids as they watch other kids with their parents buzzing around the food court. We then did some shopping, Emrie had picked at least a dozen or more items off of the racks that she wanted. We narrowed down Emrie's many wants to a few fall shirts and a pair of pants that she loved the most. I never, ever imagined that a three year old would enjoy clothes shopping as much as she does. Henry seemed to have set a goal to grab all clothing of the racks and pull them from the hangers, he did a fantastic job! What a very patient little guy to endure such a long shopping trip with Mommy and Sis. It was finally time for an ice cream break so we shared a small cup of chocolate ice cream from Coldstone Creamery, this was probably the highlight of Henry's day! This is when I discovered my phone was missing so off we went to retrace my steps all throughout the mall. My shoes rubbed my heals as we went from one end to another which resulted in nasty, painful blisters. Finally the phone was found and back to Sears we went to get our car. Both kiddos fell fast off to sleep when they were snapped into their carseats for the ride home.
Daddy was busy at home painting trim on our house, this project seems to be ongoing.
Saturday evening we took the kids to the Fall Festival of Bands. It was rainy and cool but we enjoyed the night of marching bands.

Praise God for the much needed new tires. I hated to spend the money on them but I am thankful for the way he provides.