Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Henry Swings

Greg took this video with my new camera he got for me for Mothers day.  He was trying out all the fancy features and since in my post a few days ago I mentioned how Henry likes to swing, I thought this was just perfect!

Farmer Henry

Henry enjoying driving the John Deere tractor with Papa Emery.  I see some Jeremiah in Henry, it doesn't seem like so long ago that Jeremiah was a tow headed little boy too.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Oh dear, another month has slipped by right in front of my nose!  So I will hit on some high points and then hit the hay because I was one busy momma today!

Greta is growing but not growing.  Why yes, that is a weird statement but completely accurate.  She is now in the 3rd %tile for weight and right now I would love to tell you what her actual weight is but I can't think.  15lbs maybe?  (Oh, this isn't shaping up to be a very good blog post!)  Anyway...she is getting longer and she is standing alone-usually better with an object in her grasp but has yet to take any stand alone steps but very good at pushing Mr Lion around.  Ma Ma Ma and Da are her vocabulary although Daddy swears she said Emrie a couple Sundays ago.  She clapped at Emries baton practice this evening when the music was played,it was quite adorable(I think everything she does is though!)  She drinks from a sippy cup very well, she mastered that sometime but I can't pin point when.  She is an eater!  Tonight for dinner she had an entire loaded (butter and brown sugar) sweet potato, fattening but those are the doctors orders!  She is still my perfect little sleeper and a typical day would be a morning nap around 9 or 10 an afternoon nap 1 or 2 and then bed around easy, I know!

Henry Michael, my little man, my trouble maker, my fearless fellow!  He is now peddling a tricycle like a pro(he picked that up lickety split!)  He is into swinging on the swing set although his legs still aren't long enough to get himself into the swing alone, so I lend him a boost! He likes to run full throttle into the swing seat, land on his belly and fly through the air like some super hero.  He loves to show our neighbor Cheryl that trick!  He counts and I am not sure when that happened but apparently he has picked that up from someone (my guess would be big sister.)  He loves to help in the kitchen and by help I mean make large messes out of the little jobs I let him assist in-I love I let him!  He still says "Hold you mommy" in a pleading/whiney type voice mostly when I am fixing dinner and mostly when I have Greta in my arms which always causes one or the other to be a grouchy pants.  He lays on the floor and makes boy noises(which are different that girl noises) and truck sounds and he often talks in a deep man voice when playing...that tickles me.  Potty training...we'll get there, might save that for Daddy over summer break!

Emrie my long and lean, bossing machine!  I just purchased a shirt for her that says "I am a leader not a follower!"  Yes indeed!  She is a good little girl fun and spirited and strong willed to the max, I have come to grips with this quality she possesses, not that it is always easy to deal with but in the long run I think it will have its advantages.  She is after all planning to be a mommy like me some day and if she would happen to have a daughter like her someday she will need to put that strong will to use!  She did excellent at baton tonight I'd like to believe that my firm chat before practice really made a difference but no I think it was mostly because Grandma Linda had a Hello Kitty toothbrush that she really wanted to receive at the end.  So she has about a 1 in every 5 ratio of actually participating during baton practice, very aggravating to see 20+ little girls following the teacher and my little girl standing with her arms crossed with the "Don't even think I am going to do that!" look on her face!  I love her for it any way!  She loves to go to the library and loves to pick out books and videos for her and Henry.  She is into taking showers now instead of baths and of course she can do it all by herself.  She is missing her 2 bottom front teeth, the tooth fairy has paid us two visits making her $1 richer each time!

Praise God for the time I get to spend with my children, I wouldn't trade these days for anything!