Friday, April 30, 2010

Hooray For Beautiful Fridays!

I am so happy for the warmth of the sunshine, the song of the birds, and the noise of the kids playing outside! I took the kids for a walk this morning and I couldn't help but notice the beauty of my surroundings. Birds are unique and amazing. The trees are in bloom and colorful. Grass is bright and green. The sky is the truest blue and the clouds are fluffy white. How often do I notice these things but really stop and think of their Creator? Tonight we're(loosely used) planting potatoes in the garden. I will do my part-dropping the taters in the row but how is it that they actually grow into the delicious potatoes for eating in a few months? My God is so amazing, he takes care of the rest! Of course we(again loosely used) will do some fertilizing and watering, but what goes on underneath the soil is ALL a God Thing!
This brings me to Henry who is getting his teeth in, he has two on the bottom now! I have known Henry since February 2009 when I found out that we were going to have another baby. I have done my duty in taking care of him inside the womb and outside but God created him, and has made him into the masterpiece he is! Although I might cart him around like a sack of potatoes his value is Much Greater and I hope he grows to know the Creator of all the beauty around, is his Creator too.

Praise #2
I praise God for my children for they are uniquely and wonderfully made!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Ordinary Thursdays

Emrie Ann has an extra ornery look on her face, she is stealing a piece of monkey bread!

Hello! I decided that it is time for me to commit to writing the fun things and even the not so fun things down for me and my children to enjoy later in life. I always say to myself " I want to remember this moment forever" yet somehow as the days go by I have already forgotten. So if you are following along, these moments might not be of any interest to you but I hope that down the road we(my wonderful family) can laugh, praise God and maybe shed a tear over the Ordinary Thursdays.

Each blog I want to give God Praise so here is Praise #1

I Praise God For:
My husband, hardworking, loving, great daddy, always thinking, always worrying, faithful, and Handsome:-)