Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Baycation Yay!

We are at the beach and life is good! One full day down and it was a complete success! Traveling to the beach was not to bad either, we bought our first family mini van and it was a smooth and spacious ride! Praise God for it and now we have room for the new baby! We won't have to take Emries advice and put the baby in the trunk of the sedan! I felt sad and happy watching the kids ride to the beach they weren't sitting side by side as closely as they would in the car so Emrie couldn't rub Henrys skin or fall asleep holding hands as they so often did in the car. But they also couldn't aggravate the other quite as easily either. I will always have the sweet picture in my mind of them riding hand in hand together. Sunday, today the kids were up and at 'em at 6:45. We were in the pool by 8 and to the beach at 9. Sunblock was applied thoroughly before heading out and reapplied often out in the sun, but the weather was not to hot but a perfect high eighties! Emrie enjoys the freedom that her Puddle Jumper life vest allows her at the pool. She swims here and there busy kicking and splashing and of course keeping track of the comings and goings of everyone else. Henry is not crazy about a life vest but is happy to be in the pool and thinks he doesn't need to be held at all times. I have a hand on him at all times when near the pool, he is just at that perfect age to have no fears and no understanding of all the danger, meanwhile I have all the fears and worries running laps thru my head. Beach time was priceless. Both kids were busy usually running in opposite directions. Emrie wasn't to brave getting very far into the water, which was perfect, and Henry would put his toes in a little but they mostly ran around digging and playing in the sand. At one point this evening Emrie was losing her bottoms to her swimsuit from the load of sand she was carrying around. Henry was pretty well covered head to toe and it didn't seem to bother him one bit. We hosed them off in the front yard stripped down and bathtime was in order!

Praise God for providing a new safe and spacious vehicle for our growing family!

Beachy Thursday :-)

Thursday already! Time surely flies when your having fun. The kids have played so hard this week. It was been lots of fun to watch them running on the beach, watching the airplanes-each one gets Henrys attention, Emrie collected shells for quite some time with her hot pink shell collecting bag just to insist that Jeremiah bury them all in a big hole. Henry gets a little tired running on the beach at which point he flops down wherever in the sand not minding one bit he gets covered in it. Henry will probably be more content next year in the pool when he can have a puddle jumper and have the freedom that Emrie enjoys. He does like his little cabana float for a while and likes to pretend he is making coffee with his little blue watering can. Last night we flew kites and the kids did really well. Henry did pretty good holding onto his panda bear kite, he had more interest in it than you would think for a 1 year old. Emrie she was really into it! Mama and Papa got her a silly looking little girl kite and she flew her high for probably an hour. She had her up as far as her string could go and after winding her in to put her away she let her back up again! Perfect weather on the beach both day and night when the sun gets warm the water temp is perfect for cooling down. Henry has enjoyed the porch, he wanted to eat his breakfast outside this morning. I think he likes having a birds eye view on the pool, and neighbors! We went shopping this morning of course Emrie got a real charge out of that, she so loves to get new clothes! Henry doesn't seem to mind going store to store he even took a little cap nap while we shopped. He was happy to wake up to us eating Chick fil-A. At Atatlya Huntington Beach State park we attempted to take family photos which is a challenge to say the least when dealing with 3 & 1 year olds. Perhaps we got one good family pic but I haven't seen them yet and I am betting Emrie has her lip out or Henry is arching his back in protest to such an awful activity as family portraits! Oh well it captures the nature of a young child perfectly I am sure.
*Sigh for a perfect week going by entirely way to fast.

Praise God for good weather and family time!