Friday, May 20, 2011


Seeing things her own way!
Henry with blue sand everywhere!

Boy... it has certainly been a rough afternoon for Mommy, to be perfectly honest. What started out as a great day with lots of fun and giggling quickly turned into an upsetting, frustrating, quarrelsome afternoon.
On our next to last Friday of school Lilly and Lydia came to spend the day with us. Oh how excited the girls were to be together as BFFs. They played and laughed enjoying each others company to the fullest until a few hours into the day when sharing didn't seem like fun anymore and the others actions were growing slightly annoying. That was okay it was lunch time and then naps and that would be the cure all, Right?
Mommy and Daddy had made arrangements to go out for dinner, while Aunt Beth and Mama Jane would take the kids to go see Great Grandma Morgan.
After an hour of napping I attempted to wake Emrie and struck out, so moved on to Henry who was slightly out of sorts but manageable in getting awake and dressed for the outing.
Back to Emrie for attempt number 2 in getting her ready to go and then the trouble began.
Dun, dun, dun.
She didn't want to wake up, she didn't want to get her hair pulled up, she didn't want to go, she didn't want to get in Aunt Beths car, she didn't want to get her shoes on, she didn't want to go anywhere, she didn't want to go see Great Grandma, she didn't want to go out to eat, she didn't want to leave, she didn't want to etc. etc. etc! (All these things, by the way are things she likes to do!)
"You are going, Mommy and Daddy won't be home. You will get ready and you will get ready now." says Mommy
And then the crying, flailing, kicking, swatting, pushing all begins.
Strong will and determination on her part is in full swing, you can see the monster in her eyes that she will under no circumstance give in to the requests of Mommy. So the "spoon" makes a number of appearances to no avail. Daddy arrives home just in time to administer some punishment and motivation to get her down the steps and out the door with Aunt Beth and Mama Jane.
My breaking point had been met and tears were rolling. How on earth could one little 3 year old posses so much aversion to authority? Where did she get that? How can she be so love able and so snugly and then BAM!
I do believe a dinner out was fully earned and much needed for this Mommy.
Punishment is still in the works for a certain little girl who doesn't obey her Mommy and Daddy. I am praying we find an effective, fast acting remedy!
Henry takes it all in, boy I wish I knew what he thinks when we battle with our strong willed girl. I hope he sees that it is not worth it and not is taking notes on how to do it bigger and better!
I peek in on them sleeping, my heart swells and wonder how could anyone not love even the lows and trials of being a parent. She is learning, he is learning, Mommy and Daddy are learning. We have a Heavenly Father who is always patient and loving with his children, (even the strong willed, bull headed ones) hard to wrap my head around that but so thankful for his love and guideance.

Praise God for today and the lessons we learn.

Friday, May 6, 2011


May 1st was, lunch, naps and playtime outdoors.

In my last post I didn't realize saying Good-bye to April would allow for saying Hello to May by spending the first full week with the!

May 2nd until the present has been less than ideal. Henry and I both were sick at the same time his seeming to be short lived after vomitting he was able to rest well thru the not so much. I don't know if being 29 weeks pregnant made matters worse but recouping from the flu has been challenging. A great big shout out to the Martins, Mom and Mama Linda for pitching in and helping me out! Emrie Ann and Daddy were next in line and while resting sounded great to me more laundry, lysol, bleach, crushed ice and popcicles were in demand a lot!
Anyway we made it thru and I am hoping with all my might that no more nasty viruses come our way for a long time!

Henry update-He is talking and talking alot! This evening I was trying to get him to say his own name it sounded more like Hermie than Henry. He is a kisser, and to hear him say I Love You in his own little way is beyond words! He is all boy and loves to be outside, digging in the dirt or eating the dirt. He is trying to climb up the playhouse ladder or up the slide, neither of which I allow him to do! He holds his little index finger up and says "Be Back" as he walks away from me in the backyard or playground as if I would just let him wonder whatever he wants to go, the gesture is so cute. For the not so cute...if he doesn't want whatever food I have put in front of him it gets tossed to the floor with telling me "NO!" or he swats his cup away in disgust if I try to give it to him and he doesn't want it. But then he does have some manners...he is a little confused though he tells me "your welcome" sounding a bit German when I give him something he should say thank you for.

Emrie Ann update-She is growing...her legs are getting long! She is all about "baycation" and the order of events that lead up to vacation are discussed daily. She also says her belly is getting bigger because she has a baby girl in her belly. In some ways I feel like we have come so far with her and her strong willed ways, but then we have our days when I feel like we have gotten no where! Today a prime example on going outside or not, ended with she and I both in tears because she wears me down like no one else. I know I have this on going battle to consistantly fight with her, so I pray that our little battles of today hopefully make our later ones a bit easier with the firm foundation that MOMMA ISN'T GOING TO GIVE! Rest assured it is never to long before her little fingers are close to mommy once again looking for comfort, and love and of course her "peace"

Praise God for allowing us to be sick and get over it with healthy bodies!