Thursday, October 27, 2011

Henry turns 2!

Yes, Mommy made this yummy cake for me!

My John Deere wheel barrow.

Henrys new pick-up truck!

Can you believe it? Henry was born on a Monday if I remember correctly. I went in on a Saturday night and had him mid day on Monday. He was a beautiful surprise to us since we didn't know his sex. It was so exciting to bring him home to share with his big sister who instantly loved him and his soft skin for rubbing! He grew so fast and changed so much in his first two years. He is now nearing potty training which is fun, exciting and exhausting! He talks so well and loves I Spy books. "Read it, Read it" he demands throughout the day. He also enjoys his Farm picture book and The Happy Man and His Dump Truck. He likes the normal Deigo, Bob the Builder and Barney, but he and Emrie have recently developed a love for Annie and I got to tell you it does my heart good when they belt out those songs together! Although the other day they both called me Ms. Hannigan and I had to stop and laugh at that!
Henry was such a sensitive baby, he didn't like to be bumped or hear loud noises-he nearly melted down when such things would occur. I never dreamed he would begin his "terrible twos" at 18 months and be full of orneriness and busy exploration of everything dangerous or not. He still has a bit of that sensitive baby in him he is frightened by the wind, rain or a storm. He climbs in and out of his crib like a pro numerous times a day! He is into the refrigerator picking a "snacky" all the time! He does not walk, he trots or runs. He has got his Papa Mikes dance moves when music plays his body rocks. Henry enjoys being dirty, in fact I do believe it is a goal he has set for himself anytime we are out doors he is physically drawn to dirt, mud, or puddles. He loves to ride on the three wheeler at Mama and Papas. He would still rather eat and break crayons than color with them. He can throw a tantrum quite well, have a complete melt down, bang his head onto the ground and hard enough to leave a mark and even a goose egg. He can be so defiant and so sweet. He is our little guy who we love so very dearly!

We celebrated his birthday in the morning by having his buddy Micah over and shame on me I did not get a picture of them. I took Emrie to pick out balloons for him and she picked a Happy Birthday cupcake, present, dump truck and Elmo, Henry loved them all! Emrie also picked a guitar toy for Henry. Mommy and Daddy got him a John Deere wheel barrow. He calls it his wagon.
Mama Linda, Bryan, Aaron and Ea came over for dinner and Birthday cake and we had a very fun evening celebrating together.
I made his dump truck birthday cake pictured above. It was cute and he was eager to taste it!

He had his 2 year check up with Dr. Gibson on Thursday he weighed 28lbs and has moved to the 50th %tile for weight and height. He got 2 shots and big sister got one it took me and two nurses to hold her down, Henry was more upset watching her than when he got poked himself.

We celebrated on Sunday at Mama Jane and Papa Emerys house with Uncle Jim Aunt Beth and Jeremiah! He enjoyed the singing of Happy Birthday once again, more presents and yummy brownies and ice cream!

For the final celebration, we had dinner with Nornie, Poppy and Papa Mike. Henry had a difficult time sitting down to eat his dinner b/c of a severe case of the grumpies. Once we made it thru dinner the fun began when Papa Mike brought in Henrys present-a pickup truck and the icing on the cake was the gift from Nornie and Poppy-a gas pump.

Praise God for a fun 2nd Birthday for our sweet Henry!