Saturday, January 21, 2012

Happy New Year

I love this one because of the messy boy bed head!
Greta says I think these presents are for me!
Emrie trying on a few Christmas presents!

2 really excited kids and 1 who is taking all the excitement in!

Happy New Year!

Boy it has been a busy several weeks! I will re-cap:

Christmas preparations were lots of fun with the help of Emrie and Henry, Greta wasn't to into helping but I sure by next year she will be right in the middle of things! Emrie would say she "decorationed the tree" Our small kitchen Christmas tree got it's ornaments rearranged on nearly a daily basis. Henry enjoyed looking at our ceramic Santa whose bag had drums in it and watching the countdown- to- Christmas clock that Papa Mike bought for the kids.

Emrie was in her first church Christmas program. She was nervous and too shy to get on stage for the first song but by the second she was singing right along with all the other children and by the end she found a mic and was fully prepared to take center stage all by herself! Another funny/typical Emrie moment was that each child in the program was to wear a angel, Shepard or animal costume....not Emrie she had on a new dress and was not about to cover it up with ANY costume. (Another display of her strong will and the unlikely possibility that peer pressure will her!).

Henry was not quite old enough for the program but had practiced and heard the songs many times so during the performance from the back row I am told he sang right along to Happy Birthday Jesus. Also Aunt Beth kept him quiet during the show by pulling out the magical bribe of sweet snacks-oh how Henry loves his "snackies!"

Greta was not yet old enough either but took that time to take a nice snooze in Mama Janes arms. She had had her first big nasty cold along with Emrie and Henry that week. Emries developed into an ear infection(her second one in about a month)

Daddy had a nice long break from school, it was sad to see it end. Now we are looking forward to spring break!

Praise God for a special baby born long ago, and the time spent with family to celebrate!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Christmas Sweets

Sugar Cookies at the Harden's

Gingerbread houses with Aunt Beth and Jeremiah