Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas baking.

I have not been faithful to this blog, it is not like lots of things haven't been going on. You can bet your bottom dollar that the kids have been doing super cute and ornery things, but man Mommy is tired.

Henry is making the transition from 2 naps down to one, which has been hit and miss on successful-ness. Today...not so great, lots of grouchy grumbling from him and a guaranteed early bedtime.

Emrie helped make chocolate pixie cookies today, she dumped a whole cup of sugar on the floor when she missed the mixing bowl. Then we made muddy buddies or puppy chow or "dog food" as Emrie calls it. Then finished our kitchen fun with home made chex mix.

Yesterday Emrie and I made a trip to Wal-mart while standing in the long line to check out I told Emrie how sick mommy felt. With concern she said "you need to go to the doctor" I explained that I didn't need to go to the doctor, it is just that mommy's baby makes mommy feel sick and tired. Her reply "Just spit Her out."

Emrie is off to the boys basketball game this evening with Beth, Jim and Jeremiah and I am cleaning and working on laundry that never seems to get completely finished. Henry is actually content for the moment in the pack 'n play and I may be able to get lots accomplished before the night ends!

Praise God for a day of baking with my kids!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

I've got a secret!

It is pretty tough for me to carry around any type of secret.....this particular one is driving me crazy! When I have a secret that makes me so very excited and sick all at the same time it makes everyday functioning hard to do!

So...Yes we are expecting another Baby!! I am experiencing All Day Long "morning sickness" I have known this little secret for about a month now and have felt lousy nearly every day. I have tried my best to be perky and normal as to not let on to anyone that I would rather be sleeping and doing nothing else. This is not the time of year to be doing nothing and that really isn't an option anyway with a 3 year old and 1 year old. I keep telling myself that this will pass as it always has after the 13 week mark, but that seems like a long time coming.

I am so nervous and excited for the ultrasound this Friday afternoon. I look forward to seeing a bouncing peanut with a little heart beat that rings loud and healthy. What an amazing way God works, I praise him for this little miracle that is growing inside of me.

Praise God for a new baby!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Dec 1st!

Wow. What a beautiful/cold/snowy December 1st day! My mom would strongly argue that beautiful and snow do NOT go hand in hand....but it seems the first snow always brings a hint of excitement with it. This morning while eating breakfast looking out our large(new&well insulated!!) window Emrie said "The snow is ADORABLE, I can't wait to make an angel in it!"

Oh and on my last post I forgot to mention in the Highlights section that Emrie Ann has a new fascination with peeing backwards on the potty, standing on the potty to pee and even standing in the potty and flushing. Great. Honestly she just about exhausts me with the things she comes up with and the messes she is capable of making. Will my life always be this way? Will I always be asking her "Emrie, Why would you do that?" I am so thankful for our sweet moments and that she loves to cuddle and often says "Mommy I love you!" or I would probably think that I have done something terrible wrong in the first years of this childs life. The Duggar family doesn't give time-0uts they just practice self control with the children. That baffles me, I am sure we are making progress but some days the day is long and the night is too short to re-coup! So Lord, hear me out...Help me be a good Mommy, Help me teach my little ones self control(for I know that standing in the toilet is quite tempting) Help me sow seeds that they want to grow and love you.
Henry has a bag of tricks up his sleeves these days, to list a few:
Shakes his sillys out(a little dance, he has learned from watching sis at the library story time)
Skinnamirky dinky dink, He says "I" love you.
He says shoes for both socks and shoes
He says juice for both milk and juice
He gives kisses...and melts mommys heart
He was trying to jump today, but failed at every attempt.
He chatters his teeth, he thinks it is funny, and I do to!

Bed here I come...Emrie please close your lips and and eyes and drift off to dreamland....So Mommy can too *Yawn*

Praise God for the energy of little ones and the fun and new things each day brings!