Wednesday, March 9, 2011

March thus far

Henry paying a visit to Great Grandma Morgan.

Emrie picked Paws out at Build-A-Bear, Broadway at the Beach Myrtle Beach, SC when she was 16 months old.

March 1st-Happy Anniversary, 8 years! We spent our anniversary evening at story time with Emrie followed by a quick visit with Nornie, Poppy, and Papa Mike. The next evening we enjoyed some quiet time together out for a yummy dinner(Aunt Beth watched the kids!) I am so thankful for Greg he is a hard worker, a great husband and a terrific daddy!!

Henry is officially at the stage of NO. We tell him NO and he tells us NO. Henry get down off the table-NOOOOO! Henry time to change your diaper-NOOOOO! Henry share-NOOOOO!
He is still my sensitive little man, a raise of the voice can make that little bottom lip stick out right away. I swatted his fingers for hitting or doing something else that could've been dangerous, out went the bottom lip and the quiver begins. Kids sure know how to make it hard on mommy! He seems to little to start correcting his negative behaviors, boy how did we get here so fast?? Fit throwing with him has taken me by surprise since he has been mostly laid back since day one. I figured his mild temperament would somehow pass over this stage, Wrong again!

Emrie is asking about a Kajillion billion questions lately mostly what starts with this letter or what does this word start with. It usually starts with truly inquisitive questions like"What does trash start with?" Then it leads to super silly questions like "What does Toot-de-poo-poo start with?" and ends with her roaring in laughter over how funny she finds herself to be.

Paws has become a constant companion lately to Emrie. She must be gearing up and working on her mothering skills for when the new baby arrives. Paws must go where we go, you might see him at storytime, Kroger riding along on the grocery cart or at church. Paws was left at church Sunday and not discovered missing until right close to bedtime, so Paws slept over and was retrieved and cared for the next day by Aunt Karen and delivered safely home by Aunt Beth.

Praise God for 8 years and the many blessings we have received!