Saturday, November 26, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

This is the Thanksgiving Tree Emrie created, each leaf had a thing or person she was thankful for.
Henry with berry on his face, enjoying his Thanksgiving pie.
Greta in a Christmas box at Mama and Papas house.

Emrie and Mommy getting ready for the Christmas Parade.

I am going to blog while Greta is in her big girl crib crying....this isn't easy on mommy. I don't know if the 4 month shots messed up our nearly perfect sleeper or if it is those awful painful teeth but we have had a rough few nights and Greg says in a manly voice "She is ready for her bed in her room now." Mommy is not so sure of this. Crying for 10 minutes is heart wrenching when she has never cried 10 minutes worth her whole 4 months!

Fast forward a week and 1/2.

Greta is in her crib once again....part of me is saying it is time she needs to know she can go to sleep on her own and be happy in doing so and then the other part of me is screaming go get her she is 4/12 months old she needs snuggled so what if you end up in the recliner for most of the night, she won't stay this way long.

Potty training is in full swing here. Don't be surprised to see a naked little guy running through our house. Yesterday was more successful than today and I am teetering on his readiness about this, we will give it another day and see where that leads us.

Emrie is excited to be in her first Christmas parade tomorrow twirling with the Dynamic Stars. This should be interesting and exciting if she does decide to go through with it! I just finished reading You Can't Make Me, But I Can Be Persuaded by Cynthia Tobias all about the Strong Willed Child and Oh My! does it fit her to a T! I am looking forward to trying her suggestions and feel relieved and more informed about my sweet SWC Emrie Ann-an answer to prayer!

Well folks it is peaceful here now! A success! So I will now go to bed!

Praise God for night time and rest!

Friday, November 4, 2011

Greta Baby Mine

Part of our nightly routine! I love the squeak it means "keep going mommy!"

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Take a deep breathe, smile, laugh and this to shall pass!!

Who is super silly? Henry!
Who is super sweet? Henry!
Who is back to super silly? Henry!
Who painted her face today at AHA? Emrie! Who is good at making slobber bubbles? Greta!

Who has super chubby sweet kissable cheeks? Greta!

This past Saturday morning I took the kids to Wal-mart to to pick up a few things returned home and Henry had developed bright red skin on his face and legs with big white bug bite looking welts all over. So off to urgent care Henry and I went, we waited to see the doctor for about 1 1/2 hours and when he finally made it to us the red and welts were gone. I explained what brought us in and he decided to examine him anyway and behold he had a bright red ear infection in his right ear and a mild one in his left. Discussing the possible reason for the rash red skin we determined that he could have a peanut allergy since I had fed him whole peanuts the day before for the first time. Dr advised us to wait 2 weeks and try peanuts again with benadryl handy. He is now on Amoxicillin and seems to be feeling/acting better.
Saturday evening Greg and I went to a Halloween party & we dressed up as Maverick and Charlie from Top Gun. It was a fun evening, Emrie had her first sleepover at Ea and Aarons house(which was lots & lots of fun for her!). Henry and Greta stayed home with Aunt Beth watching them. Mommy came home early to feed Greta and went to bed shortly late night parties for us these days! (I don't know that there ever were!) I have yet to give or attempt to feed a bottle to Greta, so I am always within a short distance to her beck and call...don't want her to go hungry and if you look at those cheeks pictured above @ 16 weeks she is undoubtably getting enough to eat! I love those crazy sweet smoochable cheeks!
Terrible 2's have been trying this week. I just remind myself to take a deep breathe, smile, laugh and this to shall pass! Oh but Lord I do need your help! Emrie has grumpy defiant days and Henry has his perpetual motion and constant whiny, fit throwing tantrum days and I do believe they plan them to coincide to make one plain awful day...silver lining is that not everyday is disastrous. We do make it through and each night I think I can do this or accomplish that when they are all tucked quietly into bed but I find myself hitting the hay momentarily after the peace of 3 sleeping children sets in. I consider myself lucky though I am blessed to be staying at home with them. I know in retrospect I will one day miss this.

Praise God for today!

Happy Halloween!

Greta watching the pumpkin carving!
Butterfly Princess Emrie and Mail Man Henry.

Proud Papa looking at Mail Man Henry!

Greta sleeping during the Halloween fun.
Emrie watching for the trick or treating to begin and Billy the exterminator!

Praise God for a fun day for the kids and all those yummy treats!