Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Battle of the Wills

Emrie Ann is a strong willed spirit for sure. Monday happened to be one of "those" days. She had time-outs galore, it is exhausting for me to be giving them nearly every 5-10 minutes and when time-outs last 4 minutes minimum that consumes most of the day. After her best friend/worst enemy(Lilly)left for the afternoon we really had a battle of wills. She needed a bath so we could go shopping with Aunt Beth, Emrie believed with all her might that a bath was not necessary. She yelled, she splashed, she thrashed, she screamed, she cried, and she swatted and it resulted in a bath given by force. I often wonder where she gets such a strong will and then I decide I probably know exactly where it came from. Certainly not me! I can only vaguely remember grabbing onto the steering wheel of the car when it was time to get out at school, or having a death grip on my daddy's shirt as he carried me onto the bus and tried to make me sit down, or running up into the woods to avoid a day at school, or the vivid smell of Mr. Amen's(East Elementary Principle) cologne when he had to pry me from my mom. I guess it is pretty clear where she gets it. I love her very own spunky personality and I love it even in the midst of loud, trying, and tiring battles.
Henry Little Michael hangs onto my hip while Mommy deals with Emrie. He sits beside Emrie in the tub while she demonstrates her anger, and he doesn't seem to care a bit. Actually he may be a little entertained by all the battles!

Praise God for the patience he has with me.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Grouchy Irritable Heather Housewife

Henry and his buddy Micah
Emrie and Lilly painting pictures

Grouchy Irritable Heather Housewife just doesn't quite have the ring to it as Happy Heather Housewife. No grumblings from me today!
All the kids are peacefully napping and I am enjoying a nice break, taking a few minutes to blog, and next I will tackle some household duties.
We went to Mama Linda's last night for dinner. Uncle Bryan, Roxy(Bryan's Pit Bull pup) Aunt Ea, and Uncle Aaron were there too. It was a fun evening Emrie enjoyed herself so much and was so very happy to show off by singing and playing the piano for anyone who would watch. She sang her name song, ABC's, SuperWhy, Zacchaeus, and several others. It didn't take long when bedtime came for her to drop off to sleep. Henry took a couple more steps, which was fun and exciting for everyone to see. He can do it, he is so steady on his feet but lacks the confidence to go any great distance and crawling is his forte(he is fast!) Today he took about 4 steps so he is well on his way!
Daddy and Emrie went for a walk tonight and they hunted for more buckeyes. Emrie found 2 more "Buckabyes", and she thinks she has a pretty special treasure.

Praise God for our central air unit on this hot fall day!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Wednesday Arrrg!

I should not complain, I enjoy my job ever so most days, today just isn't one of them. I think a hot bath would help to cure my woe is me attitude but I haven't even had a chance to shower today so a hot soaking bath would be asking for entirely too much. At last all is quiet for afternoon naps, the crying from the last two holding out has finely ceased. I don't want to push my luck on sneaking into the bathroom for a shower so I will continue to schlep around downstairs while working on packing away 3-6 and 6-9 month Henry clothes. We need a warehouse specifically for baby and toddler clothes. Emrie has the most by far, she has probably 4 times the amount of baby clothes Henry had and has. To toss, give away or yard sale all these things would be wasteful since we hope to have more children down the road, the positive is we now are prepared for whatever gender comes our way.
We did have a very nice long walk this morning Lydia, Henry, Emrie and I. It is a beautiful fall day and quite warm which is actually fine by me. While pushing the stroller Emrie walks along beside of me and chatters about this and that but the sweetest moment is when she looked up at me and said "I love you, Mom." She never hesitates to tell what is on her mind and it is great to know that she has me on her mind. Henry is busy checking everything out in the stroller he leans forward and claps his hands when we walk by something that has caught is eye and excites him. So on our walk Emrie climbs up the hill in front of the new Central Elementary where the trees are located and she begins hunting for buckeyes. One buckeye made its way through the leaves fell from the tree top, bounced off the ground and hit her right in the stomach. We both got the giggles, that particular buckeye was an easy one to find!
Okay I am now over my bummer mood, I just realized if I had any other job I wouldn't have the chance to have such wonderful moments and memories to cherish. I might smell better with another job but I can handle that, he he!

Praise God for the not so special days that end up being so special.

Sunday, September 19, 2010


A good Sunday all in all, but my blogger name is not quite fitting for this evening. Lest I lead you to believe I am always Happy Heather Housewife, tonight is a fine example that I am not. No major catastrophes leading to my foul mood but just lots of little pet peeves that have inched their way under my skin.
First of which was Emrie on the 15 minute drive home from Mama and Papa's screamed and cried and kicked and whined that she wanted to listen to Barney. The simple solution was for her to ask in a polite manner, but nope the whole way she screamed. Straight to time-out on her bed when we finally made it home.
2nd a much needed trip to the grocery store-that in and of itself seemed to irritate me.
3rd telling Emrie to get her shoes on so she could go with me, she didn't obey on which shoes I instructed her to wear and then dawdled by packing a purse full of useless items she thought she was going to take with us.
4th Henry does not like to be separated from Mommy and while I am flattered he thinks so highly of me, it makes grocery shopping extra challenging when he decides that riding in the seat of the cart is no longer fun and wiggles himself loose from the seat belt and nearly falls out. That is quite a big fall for a little guy, apparently he likes to be a risk taker.
5th Emrie riding in the front of the huge and very awkward Kiddy Car Cart whilst in the check out lane she grabs just about every candy and candy bar in the isle and is quick to try to open them, so while I am trying to place items on the belt and keep Henry from making an escape from his seat, I am also policing Emrie so she does not open, touch or inadvertently steal any candy from Kroger.
6th The loading an unloading groceries and the loading and unloading of kids. Putting all the stuff away, and me being hungry and Emrie wanting juice, Henry wanting milk and Oh yeah now Emrie is hungry too. So I sit down for a leftover microwaved hamburger(which was rather tasty) Now Henry wants to be down and Emrie wants to go outside....SOOOO outside we go.
Being outside seemed to help relieve the grumpies on my part, but still a list of things to accomplish before bed hangs over my head, a list that is something like this:
Locate all sippy cups
Load dishwasher
Fold laundry
Put away laundry
Start dishwasher
Towels in dryer need to come out
Fold towels
Put towels away
Iron Greg's work clothes
Sweep the downstairs floor so Henry and Lydia don't pick up anything tomorrow
Henry needs a bath(dirty kid!)
Emrie needs to put toys away(supervise!)
Jammies for Henry
Bottle for Henry
Now Henry is stinky
Clean diaper for Henry
Emrie Brush teeth
Emrie go potty
Good Nights
Emrie wants a drink(stall tactic!)
Emrie has to go potty(Again!)

And the grand finale

So after I accomplish my long list, I reflect and wonder did a bear the fruit of the spirit during my evening tonight?? Galatians 5:22
Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Goodness, Faithfulness, Gentleness and Self Control
I probably missed the mark in a few of those areas, so for tomorrow I'll pray to be more fruitful!

Praise God for the dark of night and the lullaby of the crickets.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Fair Day

Emrie on the Scrambler.
Jeremiah and Emrie on Quadzilla.

Henry having fun on the tractor.

We finally made it to the Hocking County Fair today, for the record it hasn't changed a bit in 20 years. However it is so exciting for young ones and therefore it was fun for me too. Emrie enjoyed walking through the barns but did not want to touch the pigs, or get close the the horse or goats we saw. I on the other hand loved to watch and touch the pigs and realized how much I miss the days of having swine around. We will have to work on Greg on that one, but Great Grandpa Howdyshell and Papa Emery would probably easily give in if a certain little gal or little boy suggested having a few pigs around. Hmmm, we will see!
Henry seemed to enjoy riding in the stroller, watching all the people and rides. Emrie rode her very first fair ride and I nearly cried(wow, emotional right?) She looked to little to be riding all by herself...doesn't she need her mommy anymore?? The first 30 seconds on the Scrambler she looked a tad concerned but then a smile crept onto her face and she was happy from there on out! Jeremiah was a great cousin and rode along beside of her on all the other rides and she loved that. Papa and Mama took Emrie and Henry to sit on the tractors and that was the highlight of Henry's day for sure. He is pure boy and wanted to climb all over that tractor.
We came home and enjoyed hamburgers on the grill and a nice evening outside with the Martins .The kids are fast asleep and daddy is at a Columbus Crew game so mommy is wondering what to do with herself...maybe a chick-flick!

Praise God for a beautiful fun day at the fair!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Dedication Sunday

This weekend has been a awesome glimpse of beautiful fall weather! Friday night Uncle Aaron and Aunt Ea joined us for a yummy dinner made on the grill and then some oh so delicious Oreo dessert. Aunt Ea and Emrie had a mini-marching band in the back yard, Ea on the flute which happened to be a small shovel and Emrie on the drums which was a upside down sand bucket. They marched all over that back yard and loved every minute of it!
Saturday Mommy took the kids shopping a favorite past-time for Emrie and Mommy, Henry tagged along without too much complaint. While shopping Emrie had to go potty so off to the restroom we rushed, Emrie who was trying to wash her hands while Mommy changed Henry encountered a Stranger. We have recently been talking about Strangers and how they could take Emrie from Mommy and may even try to hurt Emrie and how terrible that would be. Little girls and boys should always stay close to their Mommies and Daddies. So when this little old lady tried to assist Emrie by lifting her up to reach the water to wash her hands, Emrie froze and gave her a not so friendly look. I was happy for the experience, my little Emrie was not comfortable with the situation at all and that meant to me that she has absorbed some of my words of caution.
We later in the day enjoyed a picnic of KFC with Mama Jane, Papa Emery, Uncle Jim, Aunt Beth and Jeremiah at Ash Caves. We hiked back the path to the cave, Emrie remembered there was a waterfall back there, but this time only a few drips trickling off the top and very little water pooled below but still enough to jump in! After spending some time back in the cave area the sound of rain surrounded us. The hike back to the car was a little wet but an enjoyable time non the less!
Today Greg and I dedicated Henry at church. It is a special service and a challenge for a Mom and Dad to raise their child in a Godly home, setting good examples. We also recognize the gift that God has granted us and that Henry is God's child and we are to cherish him(which of course we d0!) Henry got stage fright you might say, he didn't enjoy being held in front of a whole congregation of people. He protested as much as his little body could and was quite vocal about his objections. Precious memory! We had our family there to help with the occasion and even Daddy's good friend Greg. Mommy strongly held in the tears while Aunt Cheryl played the piano, a medley of Be Careful Little Eyes, Thy Word and Jesus Loves Me. It was touching and extra special because the rendition of Thy Word was also played during the candle lighting at Mommy and Daddy's wedding ceremony.

Thy Word
Thy word is a lamp unto my feet
And a light unto my path.
Thy word is a lamp unto my feet
And a light unto my path.

When I feel afraid,
And think I’ve lost my way.
Still, you’re there right beside me.
Nothing will I fear
As long as you are near;
Please be near me to the end.

Thy word is a lamp unto my feet
And a light unto my path.
Thy word is a lamp unto my feet
And a light unto my path.

I will not forget
Your love for me and yet,
My heart forever is wandering.
Jesus by my guide,
And hold me to your side,
And I will love you to the end.

Nothing will I fear
As long as you are near;
Please be near me to the end.

Thy word is a lamp unto my feet
And a light unto my path.
Thy word is a lamp unto my feet
And a light unto my path.
And a light unto my path.
You’re the light unto my path.

Praise God for a beautiful Sunday and Thy Word to help in all the challenges of life!

Friday, September 10, 2010


I took Henry to see Dr. Gibson Wednesday morning and she spotted a red sore throat and tested him for Strep. Strep was something she didn't want to test him for but would regret it if he did in fact have it. Gagging a little one is not a highlight of a doctor or nurses day and mommy didn't care to much for it either. Henry dealt with the swab just fine and was eating like a champ even with a nasty sore throat virus. The doctor said in a day or 2 when the fever subsided he would develop a rash (which is a sign confirming it was a virus and he is no longer contagious.) Thursday morning he woke up fever free and developed his rash mid afternoon. So with the fever gone and supposedly over the worst of his sickness he has been crankier today than the past 4 days with a 103.5 fever. I don't understand...maybe teething....maybe all the Tylenol and Motrin has upset his little stomach(he doesn't take either very often and when he does it seems to bother him, I know this from diaper changes, I'll spare you the details.) Anyway I am hoping when he awakes from his afternoon nap today, he will feel like being outside, playing with Emrie Ann and enjoying the GORGEOUS fall day.
Last night we went to Daddy's soccer game, poor coach didn't have much success. We did enjoy ourselves anyway it was a bit chilly but a great night to be outdoors enjoying a junior high soccer game. Jeremiah was the ball boy for the game, made a little cash and for a 10 year old that is a pretty awesome gig!

Praise God for his provisions.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Labor Day

Rocking my baby who is hot with a fever today. I wish I knew exactly what is causing this fever and hate that my little guy is not his usual active happy self:-(. I do cherish these moments even while wishing he felt better. To sit and rock for a couple hours staring at his growing body and in my opinion adorable facial features, is a wonderful perk of being mommy. Emrie and Daddy went to Uncle Jeff's for a family gathering and cook out. I am 100% positive Emrie is loving being outdoors with some of her most favorite people. I am extra glad I made her take a early afternoon nap so she could go with full energy and a pleasant demeanor. She was put to bed early today for screaming, and kicking, she did not wish to take a bath and I did not give her the option of bypassing it. Not 5 minutes after drying off, getting dressed and laying her in bed she was fast asleep. Emrie this is a message for you when you have children:
Be firm and patient. Remember that you also challenged your mothers authority often, just as I did.

Praise God for a long weekend, a painted house, terrific husband and my wonderful kids!

Sunday, September 5, 2010


Papa Emery and Henry resting before Sunday lunch.

I am pleased as punch to finally be able to say that all four sides of our house are painted!! Lots of trim to be painted and that tricky dormer, but lots of progress has been made!!
Saturday Emrie and Henry spent the evening with Mama and Papa. It was time to dig up the potatoes Emrie helped to plant, she was happy to boss and offer some assistance . The Martins were there working and after daddy got done painting and Mommy got back from a much needed relaxing evening of Olive Garden and shopping we all spent the night at Mama and Papa's.
Emrie has been doing great going to her Sunday School class, no more crying like in the past. She has realized it is lots of fun to go and play with her church buddies! She is always so proud of herself when she walks out of the church with her lesson papers and craft.
Mommy had nursery duty and got to watch Henry with his church friends. All the kids have stickers on their backs with a number in case there is a need to page their parents and Henry swiped numerous stickers off the other kids back, it was a fun challenge for him.
Tonight after Daddy finished painting we went to Nornie and Poppy's for pizza and spent time visiting with family. Emrie was so happy to play with Jude, cousins are great!

Praise God for a perfect cool almost fall-like day!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

September Has Arrived

Emrie Ann and Henry on Papa Mikes BMW.
Look Mom, No Hands!
Emrie helping Papa blow out 57 candles!
The Family

We had a fun time celebrating Papa Mikes 57th birthday at the Logan Health Care Center. No Papa isn't old enough to be living there permanently:-) We all met there so Great Great Grandma Gwen could be with us. Emrie was happy to help put the candles on the cake and help blow them out. Henry enjoyed a little nibble of some icing and cake.

Praise God for a awesome first day of September!