Thursday, March 22, 2012


Mom is this where the bath toys are? 
Ahhh Haaa, it is! 
See mom, I will show you! 
What a delicious treat, thanks mom!

Monday, March 12, 2012

8 months old

Greta otherwise referred to as "Peep" from Aunt Beth!

 Emrie Ann wearing the same adorable pink hooded sweater jacket, I think this picture was taken walking to the new EBC building.  Wow nearly 3 years ago already!
This one struck me as funny, Uncle Bryan with his Mohawk and Baby Henry with his dark strip of hair down the center!

Another of Henry it was just too cute-I had to add it on!

I came across these pictures of the kids all around the eighth month.  I love looking back seeing how they are all changing and growing!

Thursday, March 8, 2012


Congratulations Greta on reaching the milestone of crawling!

You are such a sweet and perfect fit in our lives at 7 1/2 months old I realize you have not been with us long but it seems as though you always have! Mommy, Daddy, Emrie and Henry love you so very, VERY much!

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Happy 9th Anniversary!

A family photo on the occasion of our 9th anniversary. We decided to have a "fancy dinner" and get dressed up. Emrie of course was all on board for this and was extremely happy to wear one of Ea's old fluffy dresses. Henry was not quite as thrilled but ended up being pretty proud of himself in his black plaid shirt (that was nearly to small), a grey long sleeve undershirt, black shorts which were far to big and topped off with one of daddy's loooong soccer ties! He was handsome indeed, and as he would run his laps through the house we would say "Uh oh your losing your fancy pants!" Greta was dressed in her finest of course too, and during dinner she decided to nibble on her dress for her main course. Mommy squeeeeezed into a dress that I haven't had on since long before 3 children altered my figure but it fit and the kids were impressed when I walked down the steps Emrie and Henry both said "Awwww" it was a priceless moment! Daddy of course was already in shirt and tie from his day at school so he looked handsome and walked into the house with a beautiful spring bouquet of flowers for our "fancy dinner"!
Emrie picked purple tulips for our table decor.
Henry displaying his most perfect table manners at our fancy dinner, with string cheese hanging from his mouth! Emrie and Henry thought that it was pretty awesome to trade in their typical plastic table wear for real glass ice tea goblets, real big plates and silver wear.
Post dinner activities were to get in to some comfy clothes ASAP! We played in the back yard a bit and Emrie and Daddy made a delicious chocolate cake with lots of yummy sprinkles for our evening dessert! Oh and Henry didn't get to have any because he refused to eat his 2 baby carrots! Poor Henry what a head strong little fellow!

I think that this will be a Dickerson tradition to have a "fancy dinner" each and every March 1st! When I married Greg 9 years ago my dream was to be his wife and mother to children and I celebrate that God has blessed me beyond what I ever could have imagined for my life.

Praise God for such a special day! On our wedding day we lit candles to "Thy Word" and I will continue to, and strive to make your Word a light unto our paths.

February Part 2

Valentines Day! Snowy and Beautiful Home Sweet Home! From this view it looks like our house is completely painted but NO, it is still a work in progress(well kinda!)
I asked Henry what he wanted for his valentines lunch and chicken nuggets from McDonalds was his request and being the terrible mother I am(sorry First Lady) I indulged and took them to the Golden Arches for some not so healthy treats! Stop underlining my stuff you blogger site!
This is Emrie showing me her best pout face when I requested a big smile, I should have requested a pout face!

Miss Greta enjoying bananas! Breakfast, lunch and dinner she is happy to be eating bananas!

Praise God for a fun day celebrating Love and how blessed we are to have each other!

Okay blogger your really driving me nuts!!

February Part 1.

Henry enjoying some time out in the snow.
Emrie swinging in the snow.
Big brother and little Greta sitting together. There are rare moments each day when I don't have to remind him be easy, slow down, be careful, don't bump her!
Greta getting a taste of her first cereal at 6 months. Not a huge success but who would like cardboard flavored cereal!

Praise God for healthy little children to train up, and shewww what a responsibility you have given me!


Greta Jane 5 1/2 months. 2 bottom teeth and a smiley little girl!
Emrie Ann playing in the rice. I swept rice up for days after letting the kids play with it. It was entertaining for the kids on cold days when we were stuck inside.

Henry playing with the ramp daddy made. We all went to a fascar race at church and felt inspired to race all day long.
A visit from our friends Micah and Grace.

Praise God for a warm house and many fun things to do together inside when we can't be outside.