Monday, September 19, 2011

Greta Jane Update

Look at my chubby cheeks..I am growing!
Why Mommy did I have to get these yukky shots? Look at my boo boos.

Greta is growing up! She had her 2 month check up with Dr. Gibson on Thursday September 15th and she weighed 11.6 lbs and was 23 inches long! Dr Gibson said she could find nothing wrong with her, I can't either, of course I am just a proud mommy! She also said "She is cute, no make that crazy cute!"and I would have to agree 100% on that as well! She got her first big round of vaccines 1 oral and 2 injections into each leg...OUCHY! Mommy felt bad, how awful to see the look of pain and confusion on such a tiny face, it hurts mommy too.

Praise God for the vaccines that help to protect my children!

Fair Week

The count down began about a week ago for Emrie. She remembered the fun rides from last year and was very eager to do it all again. We visited all the animals first. While the pigs are still my very favorite the jury is still out on whether she will follow in my footsteps and enjoy the unusual mammal. I have to admit I am rooting for her to love them like I did along with a Grandpa and even Great Grandpa. We'll see maybe Emrie will never get past the smell and Henry and Greta will adore their course hair and snout nose! I would almost place a wager that Grandma Jane would bake cookies more frequently just to share with the curly tailed animal. Greg might take some convincing in all of this but I feel strongly that he would develop a love for all of it.

Emrie is finally over all of her birthday celebrations. Emrie seemed to enjoy a birthday that kept going! We had a picnic party at Kacklemacker park with Mama Linda, Bryan, Aaron and Ea. It was a fun time, the kids had so much fun running and playing and were happy to have an audience. Boy were they dirty, Henry most of all(of course).
Sunday afternoon Papa Emery and Emrie had birthday cake and delicious homemade ice cream to celebrate.
Her last one was a joint party for her and Papa Mike. She got birthday money and was happy to spend all of it and then some buying clothes not toys. It is highly fascinating to watch her bounce from rack to rack choosing items she feels she can't go without.

Henry has begun to use the potty occasionally which is exciting. He gets a chocolate chip for peeing and a popsicle for poo. Emrie benefits from this as well so she is always excited about Henry and his achievements! Still battling the terrible twos even though he is not yet two. Fits for this or that or maybe over nothing at all, usually land him with a spanking or time spent in bed. He is a master of climbing out of bed which has been an exhausting challenge each day at naptime. He nearly falls asleep during lunch and I put Emrie and him direcfly to bed and an onset of energy emerges from both of them(makes me a little batty). I do enjoy hearing the laughter and giggles they produce but I also know that a day without naps results in a very dramatic evening with lots of tears and whiney noises.

Greta Jane is 8 weeks and I am loving seeing her little interactive smile and more and more coos. She is still my easiest baby yet and such a wonderful night time sleeper last night 10-4, woohoo!!

Praise God for a beautiful week and the time spent at the fair!

Sept 6th

My day:

1:30 am Greta says time to eat
4:30 am Greta says time to eat
6:30 am Greta says time to eat
8:00 wake up from a semi restful nights sleep in the recliner.
8:15 Emrie wakes up in song, singing about what clothes to pick out for the day
8:30 Breakfast with a side if Calliou for Emrie and Henry to watch and Greta is hungry
9 Jeremiah comes and Greta falls asleep
10 Build a tent out of blankets and chairs for Emrie & Henry
10:30 Laundry, dishes, laundry
11 Greta is hungry
11:30 spaghetti for lunch
12 Letter A lesson with finger paints for Emrie and Henry
12:30 Clean up, laundry, nap time
1:10 Emrie and Henry still chatting
1:11 Mommy rocking Greta and waiting for quiet to catch a few afternoon winks!
1:45 still waiting and Greta is hungry
1:50 Quiet, ahhhh
2:40 Naptime over
3:00 Dishes, laundry
3:30 Jeremiah goes home
3:45 Greta is hungry
4:30 fix dinner
5:00 dinner
5:30 Emrie and Henry bath, Greta is hungry
5:45 out of the tub.
6:00 daddy fixes a tire on van, we watch Bob the builder
7:00 go to mama janes, daddy stays home to grade papers
7:30 greta is hungry
8:00 head home
8:30 brush teeth, Dr. Suess then prayer
9:00 still hearing chatty kids
9:15 Greta is hungry
9:30 pack daddys' lunch
10:00 Swaddle Greta
10:20 Yay!! Bedtime for mommy!! Daddy still grading papers.

Praise God for the energy to get thru!