Thursday, February 24, 2011

Can you believe it?

It is nearly March! Today I went to Dr. Santino for a baby check(19 weeks) all is well, a happy little heart beat to go along with the wiggles I feel from inside. Gaining to much weight is not what you want to hear your Doc say but ahhh well, what's a hungry momma to do?

Henry is turning into a little toddler before my eyes, saying more words and mimicking any song or word you say. He has a lot to say, even though we can't understand it all! He has a new love for books. He picks a book then backs himself into your lap to flip through the pages, it is a fun pass time for him. Ring Around the Rosie is another new hit for him too. Throwing fits....yep he can sure do that too.

Emrie Ann has sprung up recently in length, I have noticed some of her pants are now a little bit unfashionably short. She is particular about getting things just right. I have read and heard this is considered 1st child syndrome, which has benefits and downfalls. She has worked hard to write her ABC's and she has really mastered all but maybe 4 letters. I am proud of her! She continues to enjoy doing her workbook and we have nearly made it through all of the lower case letters. Numbers next! At bedtime we must lay out her clothes for the following day. It has to be done Just Right too. Shirt, then pants, then socks, and then shoes-all on the floor as if Emrie was laying there and then disappeared out of her clothes.

I haven't been very faithful in updating this blog it has more to do with a good book series, than being to busy to to sit down and type! I can read after putting Emrie and Henry to bed to wind down the evening, so relaxing! I know that this will be a short stage in my life because in 21 weeks I will be to busy with the bare necessities to even think of picking up a book.

Praise God for peaceful evenings.