Tuesday, January 8, 2013


June 2012 Emrie grumpy pants who would not-no way-not ever sit in the chair for a cleaning!
January 2013  She did it!  She and Paws that is!  Ms. Christy is fabulous and it was a complete success!
You did it Emrie!

Henry being the big boy that he is got in the chair first with Wags by his side for his first cleaning. 
Great Job Henry! 
Greta played with Saylor and Eden while we got our teeth all shiny...they must have wore her out!

Rosy cheeks and long lashes my little beauty!

Friday, January 4, 2013

Christmas 2012

Christmas 2012

We had a very merry Christmas! It was fun and in all of the preparations the kids were right in the middle, of course! The kids enjoyed setting up the Christmas tree on Thanksgiving day and "decorationing" the house! They were such big helpers! Emrie and Henry were in the church Christmas program Emrie as a pink pig and Henry as a donkey. Henry opted out of the final performance, Emrie sang her songs and made a cute little pig! We had a special Elf visitor come and spend a week with us prior to Christmas. Her name was Leah and she was a fun presence in our house! The kids were sad to see her go. We had an early delivery on Christmas Eve from Santa...Bunk Beds an item that has been on top of their list for 2 years now! They were quite surprised to see their early present at bedtime & and surprisingly enough they fell asleep rather quickly in their new beds! In the wee hours of Christmas morning Henry broke the new bed in by vomiting everywhere! Gross!! That was that, so we then shewed daddy off to the couch and watched shows in mommy's bed and finally fell back off to sleep with no more sickness! Yay! Christmas morning Santa had left a few more gifts-blankets, kinect games, train tracks, and guitars for the kids. Speaking of guitars Daddy has been learning to play for over a year now, and picking it up rather fast he has been using one that he borrowed from Aaron...anyway I decided to buy one for him for Christmas. I had it in the van and needed to get it inside without Greg seeing his surprise...so I told Greg to close his eyes while he sat in the van with the kids while I ran it inside.  Well Henry began to spill the beans about the guitar and Emrie hushed him since I had told them not to say a word about daddy's gift.  When Emrie hushed him she said "Dad you won't have to use Uncle Aaron's guitar anymore because you will never believe what mom got you!"  AND there went my big surprise!  But it makes for a cute story one that we will never forget!  Greg does love his new guitar, it is a beauty!  Time spent with family was perfect, food was delicious and gifts were in abundance.  We love all the special moments about Christmas 2012 and looking back we love that our Saviour was born so long ago, what an amazing gift to all of us!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Temperature went up so we went out!

Greti Spaghetti trying out her new snow suit-Thanks Mama and Papa!  "I do look cute, but even as cute as I am Henry still won't share with me, hmph!"

Henry driving tractor!  

Emrie bundled tightly enjoying the swing!

"Mom, I am cold and I have lost my mittens."

"Wahhhh Mom I am REALLY cold-my fingers are ice cubes. Mama Jane is right snow is terrible!  Hmmm...well unless I am sledding!"

Just a swingin'!

Pretty girl-growing up way to fast.

Happy New Year!

2013 you are sneaky and popped right up on me!! 2012 was wonderful, full of blessings- a hubby I adore who tackled the biggest and most wonderful summer project HARDWOOD FLOORS that I Love almost as much as I love him!! Five 3, & 1 year olds that keep me on my toes! Non-stop, busy beautiful/handsome, smart, little stinkers! I feel just a smidge proud of the fact we have begun homeschooling Emrie Ann. I 100% fully know that this is exactly the best thing for her right now! I enjoy the challenge of it and how fun to get to do the fun stuff together! Henry follows right behind probably absorbing more than I can tell. He currently has a tiny bald spot on his head from a chewing gum incident...we are waiting for the hair to re-grow but 3 weeks and no hair yet-oh dear! Lesson learned! Greta still is short on words but has no problem communicating!! Her latest and greatest form of communication is the "you took what I want, so I will bite you!" I warned Emrie and Henry this day would come!

Looking forward to 2013, can't wait to see what lies in store for our family!

Christmas re-cap post coming soon!

Friday, October 26, 2012

Henry turns 3! A Happy Birthday Party!

My Big Book of Construction Machines from Papa Mike!

Fancy custom wrapping!(Uncle Aaron and Aunt Ea) My first work boots!

Papa Mike and his knife!

Poppy enjoying the grandkids!

Henry rides his new scooter like a pro, Thanks Mama Linda and Uncle Bryan!

Henry eating his dino chocolate candy sucker!

Greta must try them too!

Mama Linda capturing a picture on her phone!
Glow sticks and Elmo shirt from Aunt Cheryl!

Nolls Farm Market, Somerset OH

Jeremiah, Emrie and Henry entering the corn maze.

Another maze, they raced to the finish line.

This was the biggest hit a corn box!

Greta says "Cheese!" Not really but it sure looks like it!


Emrie gives her scarecrow a smooch!

Farmer Henry-that really is a perfect fit.

Me with my kiddos on our private hay ride
A chick and Jeremiah-Papa really needs to get some!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Piles of fun!

The leaves have changed and fallen from the trees which had made a beautiful covering at Grandma & Grandpas! Jeremiah created a monster of a leaf pile and it was good for hours of fun!